Bible Knowledge Quiz - People

1) Who was Jacob's father?
a) Abraham
b) Esau
c) Moses
d) Isaac

2) Who was not a brother of Joeseph?
a) Benjamin
b) Seth
c) Reuben
d) Simeon

3) Who was a son of Zebedee?
a) Luke
b) Simon
c) Mark
d) James

4) Who was not one of the 12 disciples?
a) Bartholomew
b) Stephen
c) Philip
d) Peter

5) Who was not a King of Israel?
a) Solomon
b) Jeroboam
c) Nebuchadnezzar
d) Saul

6) Who was a judge of Israel?
a) Samson
b) Jehu
c) Isaiah
d) Ezekiel

7) Who was a prophet of God?
a) Gideon
b) Nehemiah
c) Eli
d) Nahum

8) Who was the mother of Timothy??
a) Eunice
b) Presila
c) Martha
d) Lois

9) Who was the high priest that brought charges against Christ?
a) Gaius
b) Onesimus
c) Caiaphas
d) Pilate

10) Who had a conversation with a donkey?
a) Balaam
b) Moab
c) Elijah
d) Aaron

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