Bible Knowledge Quiz II- Places

1) What body of water did Moses lead the children of Israel across?
a) Dead Sea
b) Great Sea
c) Sea of Galilee
d) Red Sea

2) Jesus lived and what raised in which city?
a) Jerusalem
b) Bethlehem
c) Nazareth
d) Capernaum

3) The Ark of Noah came to rest on what mountain?
a) Mt. Sinai
b) Mt. Nebo
c) Mt. Hermon
d) Mt. Ararat

4) Which island was NOT visited by Paul during his many missionary trips?
a) Cyprus
b) Alba
c) Lesbos
d) Rhodes

5) What did not happen in Bethlehem?
a) David was anointed King
b) Christ was born in a manger
c) Jacob wrestled with an angel
d) Rachel was buried

6) In what river was Naaman healed of his leprosy?
a) Abana
b) Jordan
c) Pharpar
d) Euphrates

7) The garden of Eden is believed to have been located between which two rivers?
a) Jordan and Nile
b) Tigris and Euphrates
c) Abana and Pharpar
d) None of the above

8) Abraham was born in which country?
a) Babylon
b) Egypt
c) Judea
d) Sryia

9) What mountain did Caleb inherit for his faithfulness?
a) Mt. Hermon
b) Mt. Nebo
c) Mt. Hebron
d) Mt. Pisgah

10) What is the name of the pool in Jerusalem with five porches that the sick would step in to be healed?
a) Bethesda
b) Dibon
c) Gihon
d) Mizpath

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